April 2023: Texas LNG announced the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) has issued an Order on Remand to the project following the completion of an additional social cost of carbon and environmental justice analysis.

The Order on Remand includes two modified mitigation requirements regarding air monitoring and emergency response communications that Texas LNG will incorporate into its execution plan. Texas LNG expects to make a final investment decision (“FID”) this year and begin commercial operations in 2027.

Texas LNG’s “Green by Design” approach is strategically designed to avoid emissions rather than minimizing or mitigating them. By using renewable energy to power the entire facility and drive Texas LNG’s electric motors, the project eliminates most CO2 emissions, with less than half of a typical LNG export project, making it one of the lowest-emitting liquefaction facilities in the world.

“Environmental justice and the carbon footprint of our project are among the most important issues we regularly consider as we progress Texas LNG to a final investment decision this year. We thank the FERC commissioners and staff for bringing this matter to a thoughtful resolution," said Brendan Duval, CEO and Founder of Glenfarne Energy Transition.

Duval further commented, “Texas LNG will bring more than 1,200 new construction jobs and over 100 new full-time jobs to the Rio Grande Valley of which a majority are intended to be hired from the local community. We are eager to begin construction on our facility to be able to safely export clean, environmentally sensible LNG that is ’Green by Design’ around the globe providing long-term energy security when it is critically needed.”

The press release can be viewed by clicking here.

May 2022: Texas LNG is pleased to announce it has executed an agreement with Technip Energies USA, Inc. (“Technip Energies”) and Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd (“Samsung Engineering”) to lead the delivery of the facility via a joint venture.

Technip Energies, a leading technology and global engineering, procurement, construction and project management company that has delivered more than 20 percent of worldwide operating LNG capacity, will partner with Samsung Engineering, a global engineering, procurement, construction and project management firm who also holds a minority equity interest in Texas LNG. Under a project financeable structure, the two companies will be responsible for all facets of the liquefaction facility’s delivery including engineering, construction coordination, start-up, and commissioning.

The press release can be viewed by clicking here.

January 2022: Texas LNG announced that it has executed a pipeline transportation precedent agreement for the expansion of Enbridge's Valley Crossing Pipeline (“VCP”) to deliver approximately 720 million cubic feet per day of natural gas to Texas LNG’s export facility for a term of at least 20 years. The press release can be viewed by clicking here.

The VCP consists of a 160-mile 42- and 48-inch diameter pipeline originating at Agua Dulce, a major Texas gas hub, and extending to the Port of Brownsville. A 10-mile lateral will be built to extend the pipeline to Texas LNG’s facility, along with the addition of compression facilities on the existing pipeline. The VCP’s pipeline header at Agua Dulce, a growing gas pricing and transportation hub in South Texas, interconnects with ten major gas pipeline systems providing access to abundant and competitively priced gas from the Permian and other major gas basins with a total receipt capacity of more than seven billion cubic feet per day. The compression facilities at Agua Dulce will use electric motors which can be powered by plentiful Texas renewable energy, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

December 2020: Texas LNG announces long-term lease agreement with the Port of Brownsville, successfully securing the Texas LNG export project site for up to 50 years. See press release by clicking here.